Living with a brain tumour: Taking steroids

Tell your doctor straightaway if you think you could have chicken pox or shingles. Myopathy is more common with higher-dose steroids taken over a long time. Tell your medical team if you experience side effects so that they can help you to manage them.

Contact your IBD team for advice if you think you have an infection. About half of people who take prednisolone will get side effects, and some may be mild and will go away on their own. Some may be more serious and might need treatment, or mean that steroids aren’t right for you.

Who can take steroid tablets

You should not take anti-inflammatory painkillers e.g. ibuprofen (low dose aspirin is OK), as together they may increase the risk of a stomach ulcer developing. Do not take over-the-counter preparations or herbal remedies without discussing this first with your doctor, nurse or pharmacist. In this case, once your arthritis is well controlled the need for injections should be reduced. Treatment for steroid-induced diabetes will depend on your own individual situation.

A steroid card needs to be issued at the start of treatment and carried by the patient at all times. Taking any drug while using steroids puts extra strain on your liver. As steroids can affect your mood it is advisable to avoid other drugs that change your mental state.

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You might also be interested in our information about communicating with the people around you, which includes tips to help you let others know how you’re feeling. If you think you need dental treatment, talk to your cancer doctor or nurse. If you need medical treatment for any reason other than cancer, always tell the doctors and nurses you are having cancer treatment.

Or you may need a longer course of steroids if your asthma is severe or difficult to control. It’s important to take your steroid preventer inhaler every day, even if you feel well. If you take your preventer inhaler every day, as prescribed, you should notice fewer symptoms.

Why is it important that I do not stop taking steroids without medical advice to do so?

But your sugar levels usually go back to normal shortly after you stop taking steroids. Not all relapses need treatment as, in most cases, the symptoms will gradually improve on their own. They should explain the benefits and potential side effects of taking steroids so that you can decide together on the best course of action in your particular situation. Interactions can change the way either medicine works, or cause unwanted side effects.

STEROIDS(dexamethasone, prednisolone)

Other steroid injections take around a week to become effective but can ease your symptoms for two months or longer. These are described as less soluble, because the drug takes longer to get into your system. Because steroids can cause you to purchasing anabolic steroids online put on weight or have an increased appetite, it’s important to keep an eye on your weight while taking them. Making sensible food choices and including some physical activity in your daily routine should help you avoid putting on weight.

It’s also your body’s main stress hormone, and it can change how processes in your body work when you are under stress. This can include your digestive system and your immune system. “Most people on a short course of steroid tablets can safely stop at the end of their course, as long as they’ve recovered well,” says DrAndy Whittamore.

How do people take it?

If you do not have a copy of the manufacturer’s patient information leaflet please talk to your pharmacist. A few products do not have a marketing authorisation (licence) as a medicine and therefore there is no PIL. And because the steroid medicine in your preventer inhaler is breathed in(inhaled), it goes straight down into your airways. This means very little is absorbed into the rest of the body.